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  • iReport 4.1.3 --> Transfer on "JasperServer Reports"

    Assigned User Giulio Toffoli
    CategoryBug report
    ReproducibilityNot Attempted

    When I transfer a report to "JasperServer Reports" with iReport 4.1.3, a field of type "java.lang.Integer" is automatically changed to "java.lang.String".

    This anomaly is not present in version IReport 4.0.2


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    Is it the class of a textfield?

    Starting by JasperReports 4.1.x, textfields and in general expressions classes are ignored, JasperReports knows how to deal with that values without having to specify the type. Here is where the class resetting comes from. Use the compatibility mode to fix if you need.



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    It's a class. Thanks for your response.


    I can indeed use the compatibility mode, however it remains an anomaly. When exporting to Excel the field is reflected in the format "Text" instead of "Integer".

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    Hi azpyrine,


    can you please tell me how we can upgrade jasper version.

    I am currently using jasper version 3.7.3 and want to use new version 4.1.3 for subreport and virtualization.


    Please help and advice.



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