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  • Read Fields does not work when combining GROUP BY and CASE with Oracle

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    We have found a small issue in version 3.7.1 when creating a SQL statement which mixes a CASE structure within a GROUP BY statement.

    The query on its own run perfectly on Oracle, however when using the read fields we receive a ORA-00979 error (not a GROUP BY expression)

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    The attached report contains no SQL query.


    iReport does no parsing of the SQL query. It just passes the query to Oracle. I think it's likely user error. Consider this from your query:

    WHEN1 = 1


    It's not valid. It needs to be this:

    WHEN 1 = 1


    If you're sure that you can find a problem, attach a report that reproduces it.

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    It looks indeed that an issue was made during the upload. I Uploaded the document before saving the report :-).


    I've attached a new version of the report.

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    What is the SQL error you get?

    Did you try the query using a different java client?

    As Matt pointed out, iReport does not change a query if there are not parameters involved, the issue may be with the JDBC driver itself.




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