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  • Map parameter makes reading fields and previewing data fail in report query wizard

    Assigned User Giulio Toffoli
    CategoryBug report

    iReport 3.7.5


    when you have a parameter of the type java.util.Map and declared via Groovy the report query wizard fails to read the fields or preview data

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    This issue really obstructs the extension/enhancement of a report:


    If you design a report, you might restrict the query to the very necessary fields. Then you add some useful default values to the parameters and the Groovy-Collections are much easier to type and maintain than the Arrays.asList(...) stuff.

    After the deployment of the report, some users need some additional fields (e.g. cleartext explanation of a catalog field stored in a catalog table)


    After prepping up the query you're ending up with the parse error, because you don't want to spend the next hour with manually adding fields, guessing types, etc.


    Please fix this!

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