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  • JRBeanCollectionDataSource error

    Assigned User Giulio Toffoli
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    Please excuse my english:


    I have a string field with a description how the next:




    When i try to change the description of this field to empty, the XML is the next:



    I use the JRBeanCollectionDataSource to pass the data to the report, and i have an Exception("Error retrieving field value from bean : '')


    I see the code of JRAbstractBeanDataSource, and PropertyNameProvider only check if the description of fields is null but not empty, and this is cause my problem with the nombreCliente field.


    protected static final PropertyNameProvider FIELD_DESCRIPTION_PROPERTY_NAME_PROVIDER =

    new PropertyNameProvider()


    public String getPropertyName(JRField field)


    if (field.getDescription() == null)


    return field.getName();


    return field.getDescription();





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