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  • Dialog Location - Not visible if secondary monitor removed

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    This was a bit of an odd situation.

    Laptop, Windows 7 Pro

    Using laptop as primary monitor, external as secondary extended desktop (to the left, instead of "standard" to the right).


    iReports is used mainly on secondary monitor. Right click on Report (in Report Inspector), select Edit Query - this dialog box appears on same monitor as iReports.


    Close down laptop, opened at home, without external monitor. iReports is forced onto Primary monitor, however "Edit Query" window still is attempting to appear on secondary monitor - cannot move (Shortcut of Alt+Space, M, right arrow and/or mouse movement does nothing). Can exit window via Escape, however, cannot access or use window.


    Rebooted laptop at work this morning, with secondary monitor, iReports still opening in last location (primary monitor), with "Edit Query" showing up on secondary.

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