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  • Deploy to Jasperserver with multiple subreports fails

    Assigned User Giulio Toffoli
    CategoryBug report

    Having a master jrxml file which includes three subreports of which all use the same data source (mysql). The master report itself only contains data in the summary field which is one cross table. All three subreports also have one cross table in the summary band.


    When deploying the master report to the jasperserver with the repository browser, iReport spots the three included subreports and proposes to upload them as well and change the paths in the master file (repo:..).


    Everything seems to go well, but the Main.jrxml is not on the server. In the catalina.out log I can see some messages stateing "no such file or directory" while the upload process is running.


    If I go into the MySQL database of the jasperserver and add the Main.jrxml myself in the blob (after correcting the paths to repo:... of the included subreports), the report is working fine.


    The main report deploys without any problem to jasperserver if no sub reports are included. From the moment when the sub reports are added, the deploy problem starts.


    In iReport itself the report generation works without any problem.


    jasperserver 3.7.0 (installed on opensuse 11.1 x64, tomcat6, rpm install)

    iReport 3.7.1 tested on opensuse 11.1 & 11.2 and Windows 7

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