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  • Printing does not respect Page setup in 3.7.0

    Assigned User giulio
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    It may be that I do not understand iReports output but there seems to be a problem printing in Landscape.

    The report previews correctly. I have gone to File=Page Setup and set the page to Landscape.

    The File=Print button is disabled and when I print using the print icon, it prints in portrait mode.

    Setting the orientation in the printer using the printer properties button has no effect.

    The title appears on the report but the page is full with many more lines than the preview shows and the page numbers in the Page Footers are missing on every page including the last page which is only partially full.

    The right and left page margins set in the page setup are not respected (prints much closer to the edge).

    The solution is to output to PDF and print that.

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