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  • "Error:null" when clicking the "Read Fields" button in the query editor

    Assigned User Giulio Toffoli
    CategoryBug report
    ReproducibilityNot Attempted

    If a parameter has no default value, an NullPointerException happens in ReportQueryDialog.java.



    while (expression.indexOf("$P{") >= 0)


    int start_index = expression.indexOf("$P{")+3;

    String param_name = expression.substring(start_index, expression.indexOf("}", start_index) );

    String param_expression = "";

    for (int i=0; i


    JRDesignParameter p = (JRDesignParameter)parameters.get(i);

    if (p.getName().equals( param_name))


    param_expression = p.getDefaultValueExpression().getText();


    /// p.getDefaultValueExpression() is null



    In 3.0, this problem does not happen.

    Attachments: reportquerydialog.diff

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    Would you please apply the attached patched?


    We run with it for a long time with previous versions. I don't want to need to repatch each version when we upgrade.



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