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  • Expression Editor scrollarea too small when there is long text

    Assigned User nomike
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    When I have a long text in the Expression Editor e.g.:

    $P{customer}.getGender() == at.tac.ra.reservation.foundation.Customer.GENDER_MALE?$P{propertyFactory}.getString("ReservationConfirmationReport_SalutationMale",$P{languageID}.intValue()):($P{customer}.getGender() == at.tac.ra.reservation.foundation.Customer.GENDER_FEMALE?$P{propertyFactory}.getString("ReservationConfirmationReport_SalutationFemale",$P{languageID}.intValue()):($P{customer}.getGender() == at.tac.ra.reservation.foundation.Customer.GENDER_COMPANY?$P{propertyFactory}.getString("ReservationConfirmationReport_SalutationCompany",$P{languageID}.intValue()):$P{propertyFactory}.getString("ReservationConfirmationReport_SalutationMale",$P{languageID}.intValue())))


    (^^ one line!)


    the scrollbar is not wide enough.


    When I move around with the cursor-keys or drag the selection I could scroll to the right and the scrollbar adjusts.


    See Screenshot for details


    nomike aka Michael Postmann


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    Yes, more Lines are good for readability.


    I\'m a simple developer. Our application is working with jasper1.2.3 and our head of development told me that they had some bad experiences with imports and thus we should not use them.


    But besides of all this still appears as a bug to me...


    nomike aka Michael Potmann

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