[#8096] - Error 502 Bad Gateway when logging into tibco jaspersoft mobile iOS app

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I get an Error 502 Bad Gateway when logging into tibco jaspersoft mobile iOS app when trying to open my server connection.

I have not found anything in the forums about it and I posted in the forums but nobody seems to know about it.

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Thank you for your request!
Can you please give us some more info about the issue:
- which version of mobile app?
- does the server have https connection? any specific settings?
- do you have the issue with android app?


- The version of the iOS app is whatever the latest you have on the app store. I cant get the version because I cant log into anything so I cant see anything other than the login screen.
- The server does not have an https connection. I can see the ip:port site from a regular browser, I just cant connect to it from the app
- I dont have an android phone so I dont know if it works on Android.

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Thank you for your reply.
We'll investigate the issue.
Actually there are two cases when the error can appear:
- when server is not reachable (wrong server address could be a possible reason);
- when we process server info data.
We'll try to fix the issue ASAP.


I'm having the same problem. I can reach my server with a web browser. Just to clarify, I can reach our server with a browser on the iPhone. The same one I am trying to use the App with.


SOLVED: It's not clear what URL you should use. The default root URL to our site/Jasper Server, did not work. Neither did the addition of /jasperserver-pro/login.html. However, if you use your domain URL and add just /jasperserver-pro, it works.


Ok so if my server is I would enter


Yes, but you don't need the port to my knowledge. However, you might just not sure how the port is mapped and if it's needed.


Still get the same error


Still getting the same error, years later.