Exported report in one long siingle Page PDF


Created a report using Jasper Server Report adn Ad Hoc View.

Displayed that report on html page using Visualize.js. Exported that report using visualize.js in PDF format.

Report is coming in single long pdf file. How to export that in multiple pagee in place of single long PDF?




Abhishek Chouhan

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2 Answers:

Ad Hoc and Visualize.js are features of JasperServer Pro and not of the Community Edition/Project. Please use the official channel(customer support) to address your issues.

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Probably better to post your question at Stackoverflow unless you're in a hurry to get a reply - in that case, contact Jaspersoft Support.

It seems like some of us do not know that the purpose of this forum is to increase users communication and involvement and not just to simply reply to questions.

Jaspersoft is a very good product and I do hope that you'll continue using it.

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