How to add Subreport to report unit through REST API?

I am using the PHP client, trying to upload subreports to an existing report.

I have a report at '/Reports/MyReport', so I tried to use

$c->repositoryService()->createFileResource($file, $content, '/Reports/MyReport_files/subreport.jrxml')

to upload it to the hidden _files directory each report unit has. This works - if I try to upload the file again, it says the file already exists. But it doesn't actually make it part of the report unit.

How do I use the PHP client to upload a subreport to an existing report unit, and make it part of the report unit?

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1 Answer:

How can I add other sub resources to this report using PHP.
I can't find any documentation of this case.

 $c = new Client(
     $report = new ReportUnit;
     $report->label = "file5Report";
     $report->description = "file5Report";
     $report->jrxml = "/jrxml/file2";
     $report->dataSource = "/datasources/datasource";
     $report->resources = array("/ImageFolder/Subjrxml");
     $c->repositoryService()->createResource($report, "/ImageFolder", false);
}catch (\Jaspersoft\Exception\RESTRequestException $e){
      echo $e->getMessage();

But always this error shown with message 'null'

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