is possible to do auto-guess schema in JaspersoftETL

Hello. im developing an ETL process using JaspersoftETL 5.6.2 Community version. What im trying to do is to extract a database from different server and save it to a diffrent server.

For example: Server A have a database with tables and data. Server B have an empty database, no table at all. I want to extract all the table including its content to server B using ETL process. i want to make it as short as possible. There is a total of 300++ tables to be extracted. 

Both server are using PostgreSQL. i manage to retrieve the list of tables that i want using SQL command at the tPostgresqllnput_1 component. The list of names will then act as an iteration to another tPostgresqlInput_2 component. Which will perform row insertion to a tPostgresqlOutput component. the tPostgresqlOutput will also been set with "create table if not exist" on the 'Action on table' option. i hope i explain it clear enough. tPostgresqlInput_2 component schema needs to be dynamic. so it will change its schema based on the original schema on server A. can this be achieved?

here is a screenshot of what i have done so far:

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It seems that can be easier done if you just write a program using JDBC. Jaspersoft ETL (Talend ETL) just generates Java codes. If the job is complex and if you know Java, I find it faster to just code in Java rather than try to use ETL.

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