Dynamic Jasper Quick Questions

New to using Dynamic Jasper and trying to ascertain feasibility of use.
I couldn't attain certain information from the guides or how to documents. Some very simple answers would suffice pointing me in the correct direction for these things if they are possible.
1) Is it possible to hyperlink to a separate report within a report as you can in jasper studio?
2) Can i change the layout to landscape rather than portrait, I couldn't see any examples of this
3) What is the default paper size when printed? In the UK customers require A4 whilst in the US they require letterhead formats. In the past I've had to create two separate reports using jasper.
4) When i close the viewer in app, it closes my application. Can I control the exit method of the jasper viewer?
5) Can i write directly to a printer rather than displaying in the viewer?
6) Can i write standard SQL queries and create an object array rather than mapping column names from POJO objects?
7) Is there any control over the look and feel of the jasper viewer separate from my application look and feel? The buttons are almost invisible with my current theme.
Many Thanks
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Thanks for the answers. They are very helpful.

Just one more thing on 5. How would I achieve a direct print to a printer? That is the main use for a reporting system.

I've used Jasper before and direct printed but i'm trying to avoid having to create all of the jasper and jrxml files.


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1 Answer:

1) Inside a Dashboard Yes from an AdHoc based report/ adhoc view
2) You need to use a report template from Ad-Hoc Editor and create the report
3) by default A4, as well you can change using a template
5)not out of the box
6)dont understand the use-case
7)did you create a theme ? 

Reference for report template : 



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