How to use the JasperServer Java Rest Client

I am trying to use JasperServer Rest Java Client ( to integrate jasper reports/ server in my Oracle ADF application, but the instructions are a bit vague. For example, (configuring using Loading configuration from file) I am not sure where the JasperserverRestClient instance should be configured and where an instance of RestClientConfiguration should be created, also where I should place it within my ADF application. I would appreciate some help.

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Can someone please help, I've been at it for a while.

Jasperiousity - 7 years 3 weeks ago

2 Answers:

You are not obliged to use a configuration file. 
But if you wish to , in your code you will need to use :

Or a manual way :

It is pretty well explain in the readme of the github project...

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Probably better is you post your question to the GitHub project instead of here because the library is not part of JasperReports library.

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