Jasper starts subrerport from a new page


Please see the report design. Subreport 3 is started from page 2 instead of page 1 after the second subreport.

        <band height="537">
                <reportElement x="0" y="0" width="258" height="537" uuid="cc14ca75-7b18-49f8-9baa-a37f1c20f8ea"/>
                <reportElement x="258" y="0" width="462" height="204" uuid="cc14ca75-7b18-49f8-9baa-a37f1c20f8ea"/>
                <reportElement x="258" y="204" width="462" height="333" uuid="9ca03624-2653-4b22-9e70-2ab8effc7cdc"/>
<!-- height of this report actually greater than 500, so this starts all together from new page rather than continue from same page -->

Please let me know how can I make sure a subreport starts from same page.


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I would like to update on one thing.
If the height of subreport is less than the report element hieght. Like in this case 333 for subreport element General_Ledger.jasper
then the report rendering starts from same page.

However if height of subreport is greater than that then entire rendering starts from new page.

We would like to have the rendering start on same page and what gets overflowed that only renders onto next page.

Is that possible. If yes, how?

Thanks again


sjmittal - 3 years 6 months ago

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