Did anyone tried to connect Jasper iReport Designer 5.6.0 with apache cassandra 3.5 Database

Hi all, I am trying to connect Jasper iReport Designer 5.6.0 with Apache Cassandra 3.5 Database, for that I have used cassandra-connector-for-jaspersoft-bin-0.5.1, even though I am unable to create connection. I am getting 'no connection' error. Anyone please provide me solution.


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cloves.moreira - 6 years 3 months ago

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I have the same problem, from what I researched, it seems that this version does not support the newer Cassandra, because a version 3.X of Cassandra does not use JDBC connection, in case, it does not need the transporter anymore. So, if they could give support would be ideal, since ireports is more friendly-user than Jasper Studio.

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