In a report the text gradually gets blurry and more blurry

We have some reports that we generate. When we see them on the screen and when we print them the text will keep getting more blurry as the pages go one. So in a 30 page report page 1 would be crisp test, but page 5 it starts to get blurry, then by page 30 it is unreadable. This is in the print preview window on screen as well as printing. We have tried this on 10 different printers too, so it isn't printer specific. The report does have 2 fonts that we add via font extensions, but even it I change the font to one of the built in fonts, the same blurriness still occurs. 

There are reports that get sent to courts for legal issues as well as checks being printed. So it extremely important that they are readable.



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Can you send use a sample? I haven't encounted that problem even when my report is over 100 pages.

hozawa - 7 years 5 months ago

A sample would be helpful.

sadakar - 7 years 5 months ago

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