Can I fill my reports (or dashboards) in jasperserver through my java app?

Hi, I am really newbie in jasperserver, so I'll try to be very specific with my problem.

Currently I have a Java application that works fine. I use librarys like highcharts for data visualization, Datatable for show html tables, POI for excel export, etc.

Since a weeks... I saw the visualize.js features to show interactive reports, export and edit through web and it is amazing. I want to make the necesary changes for the application reports and use visualize.js.

In the future, I will need to implement OLAP so that was the principal reason for learn to use jasperreports, but that is another history...

Currently, I can use jasperreports lib and java without problems, I usually fill my reports with java beans and show them in my web application. Obviosly it is not interactive, so I downloaded jasperserver pro for use visualize.js, I can upload some test jrxml files to jasperserver and load them in my web app without problems, but for each report I use forms in the web app, the users fill a form, submit that form, I take this information and make some DB querys and calculations for create a report in the production app, then I show the report to the user and I want the user can interact with the report (with the visualize.js help), use filters, show or hide columns, change the chart type, export to XLS, PDF, etc...

As I said before, only using jasperreports lib the application works fine (no interactive), I can fill my reports through java, but if I want the report was generated with the data entered by the user, how can I make it if I am using jasperserver?, the reports will be generated with different information every time the users wants.

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2 Answers:

I am not familiar with visualize.js and its requirements.  For regular JRS, you might be able to write a custom data source/adapter  in JasperReports Library, and then write a cyou want toustom data source type to make it available in JasperReports Server. The Ultimate Guide has a chapter on custom data sources - some samples are here:

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Hi, elizam. The problem is that the data source will be changing constantly, we can assume that Beans always be used like datasource, but the same report template will be filled in distinct moments with different values in beans.

We can suppose that aproximately 50 users will be generating reports. If the data source is located in some directory, how can I fill every report independently without affect other users outputs?.

I guess the process for filling reports in jasperserver is similar to process for jasperreports lib.

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