Problem while rendering charts with PHP Client


Hi everyone,

I'm developping a simple web application that can display a report created with the PHP Client (and the JasperReport Server) but there is a problem with getting some javascript libraries and impossible to find a solution on the web :/

Here is the php code :

public function reportsAction() {
        $c = new Client(
        $report = $c->reportService()->runReport("/public/CAMEL_AND_CO/RAPPORTS/RATIO_DIVERSITE_JOBBOARDS_RAPPORT", "html");
        return array(
            "rapport"   => $report

And here is my html code (very simple) :

<h1>Démonstration Jasper - Exemples de rapports</h1>
{{ rapport | raw }}

And the result is just the report title without thechart.

After debugging, apparently 2 javascript libraries wheren't found (404)

Am I doing something wrong ? Any server configuration I forgot ?

In advance, thank you for your answers !


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