Hyperlink - Difference between Local and Remote Anchors, Page

I want to get clarity about the different Hyperlink Types in Jasper Report.

None - If you dont want any hyperlink

Reference - If you need it to refer to some link like 'www.xyz123.com/item_no/5467'

Report Execution - If you want your element to have hyperlink which drills down to another report.

I do not know the difference between LocalAnchor, LocalPage, RemoteAnchor and RemotePage.  Could you explain with example?

Also, could you pl. explain: the Tabs: Link Parameter, When Expression, Anchor, Page?  There are 2 fields on top: Anchor name Expression and Bookmark level.  What are these?

Please explain in detail.


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1 Answer:


Some useful information about hyperlinks and bookmarks can be found here:


I hope this helps,


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