Anonymous Access to Dashboard on Jaspersoft v6.1

I am currently Running Jaspersoft Professional for AWS v 6.1 on our server and am having issues getting the dashboards to display anonymously.  After much research I was able to figure out how to get reports to have anonymous access, but the dashboards are not working out.  I have found the guides for allowing access to anonymous reports and dashboards, however through much research found out that they do not work for versions 6.1 and newer and there are many other changes or requirements I have had to adjust in order to get these to work.  

The report is currently loading and setup almost identical to the dashboard that I am testing out.  The dashboard is loading the title and showing the general outline of the page however I cannot get data to load into the chart.  Below I'll put a scrren shot and an example of the URL, if anybody has any help or can point me in the right direction that would be awesome.  Thanks.

Everything has been setup to be read only access for the anonymous user.


URL: http://{{URL}}/jasperserver-pro/dashboard/viewer.html?decorate=no&j_username={{anonusername}}&j_password=#{{dashboard_path}}

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I am having similar challenge

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Sorry about the format, because this was my own sketchy notes, but here is what I had to do to get anonymous access to dashboards. I was on 6.3 but it should be pretty much the same thing.  I'm not sure how I got a notification on this topic, but if I see another asking more questions I can follow up... that is assuming that they notify me on comments. Additionally I found a web page somewhere in here that gave me these instructions... I just am not sure where it was located right now.

Once again sorry for the sloppy text, but it's what I have right now.   I hope the URLs are pretty self explanatory but I had to filter out some of our internal organization stuff on them.

Example Dashboard / Report URLs:



Jaspersoft Setup

All folders to be accessed must have ReadOnly access for the anonymous user role

All items (dashboard/report/data sources) must have ReadOnly access that would be used with the dashboard or other item for anonymous access


ssh to the ec2 instance

cd /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/



Modify the following:

***applicationContext-security-web.xml - Add ROLE_ANONYMOUS to the following securityMetadataDAtaSource items

  • /login.html
  • /externallogin.html
  • /logout.html
  • /loginerror.html
  • /error.html
  • /exituser.html
  • /flow.html
  • /reportimage/**
  • /rest_v2/reports/**
  • /rest_v2/resources/**
  • /rest_v2/reportexecutions/**
  • /rest_v2/serverinfo/**
  • /rest_v2/application.wadl
  • /rest_v2/application.wadl/xsd0.xsd
  • /rest_v2/bundles/**
  • /rest_v2/settings/**
  • /404.html
  • /500.html
  • /viewreportcancel.html
  • /viewreportasynccancel.html
  • /viewreportpageupdatecheck.html
  • /bif/*/**
  • /bif/*/**
  • /getreportcomponents.html
  • /getrequirejsconfig.html
  • /runreportaction.html
  • /dashboard/viewer.html

***applicationContext-security-pro-web.xml - Add ROLE_ANONYMOUS to the following filterInvocationInterceptorPROExtention items





***applicationContext-security.xml - Add the below lines to the file before the repoAdminFlow to the following flowVoter items



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