Set Default Ad Hoc Save Folder/Location

Is there a way to set the default folder location so that when a user goes to save an ad hoc view that folder will be selected in the repository tree and the user does not have to navigate to it?  I've seen reference to setting the value of the aruFolder in applicationContext-adhoc.xml, but that does not seem to do the trick.  Currently, the top level Organization folder is selected by default.




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2 Answers:

Hmm. Reading the official doc I see:

The repository location where users are allowed to save their Ad Hoc views. The default is /. This allows your users to save Ad Hoc views anywhere.

That sounds as though aruFolder sets permissions (i.e., they can't save outside that folder), not default location in the dialog. I think there's no config value that does what you want. 

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It's currently not supported. You'll need to modify the source code and build it over again.

Recommend that you put in a feature request at Tracker.

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