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i got a problem with a calculation field.

I a main report which calls a subreport (SR1) with parameters (calc1), this calculates with the parameter (calc1) and some file-fields (fieldA). After every position the subreports prints (calc1) i call another subreport (SR2) with a some parameters even with calc1 to check if there is a record in another file.  If there is record i use calc1 to add / sub fieldB print it and give calc2 back to SR1 and put in calc1. This works fine.

But, if there is no record in SR2 i have nothing to print and give back calc2 with "null" and so "null" is print in SR1, but i need the value of calc1 in calc2 to give it back.

Can someone help me with this, please?

regards Jan

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