Report embedding issue in v6.2 when using requirejs framework

Recently we upgraded our Jasperserver environment from v6.0 to v6.2. We have another web application where we are embedding Jaspersoft reports using visualizejs API. The web application uses requirejs framework to load java script files asynchronously. Post the upgrade; we are facing an issue while trying to load the visualizejs API asynchronously using requirejs. The exceptions were all 404's for the 'text' resources/modules, related to anything handled by the requirejs text plugin. Instead of resolving 'Authentication.json' as a JSON file it is looking for 'Authentication.json.js' which 404's. Attached below is the screen shot for the same.

The embedding is working fine when we use a plain script tag to include the visualizejs API or if we use Jasperserver v6.0 to embed the reports with requirejs. The issue seems to be specific to v6.2 when requirejs is used to load the visualizejs file. Has anybody come across something similar while using visualizejs API?

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