(SOLVED) Conditional Style in Crosstab Based on Row Group Value?


Hello - 

I have a crosstab that is displaying data with summary totals being passed from a dataset. All summary totals are calculated within the dataset and passed directly. I would like to highlight the row field and data field if the row field equals a certain value. 

Here are the steps that I have taken to try to achieve this: 

  1. Created a style inside the crosstab
  2. Created a conditional style with a different back color and the conditional expression like this:    $V{Region Name1}.equals("Total")
  3. Applied this style to the row group field in the row group header, and also to the measure field

So far, I have not been able to have the style work. Am I missing a step to allow the fields to be styled? Is this even possible?

Solved! Murphy's law that as soon as it's posted I would solve it - you need to apply the "is styled" value and also set the field to be non-translucent.



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