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I want to use the Webservice Datasource in the community edition of Jasper reports server. As I see it there is references to beans that are only in the pro version of the server and I wanted to see if there is a way of getting the plugin to work in the community edition of the JRS. I am unable to find the source repo anywhere. Can someone tell me who is maintaining the plugin or where I would go to access the source




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Hi Ciaran - looks like if you open the JAR files, the source code is contained within them - and if you need the Jaspersoft source code you can find instructions here

If you want to contribute a patch to make this work in both Pro & CE, I can submit it for review. Best of luck!

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Thanks for the responses above.

Just for the sake of clarity. The issue I was having was around the use of a bean named "queryLanguagesPro" in the applicationContext-WebServiceDataSource.xml file. Once that bean ref was changed to "queryLanguagesCE" then everything worked ok.



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Cirans fix does work, I was able to make the webservices plug-in work on the jasper server reports by changing the QueryLanguagesPro to queryLanguagesCE -  Thanks

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While the fix allows the jasperserver context to load, the value must be specified as "queryLanguagesCe" on Linux (notice the lower case "e") on JasperReports Server CE version 6.2.1.


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