Break Group Footer only if the previus Group Footer breaks as well


I am building a Jasper Report and i came across what i thought was an unexpected outcome. My Report has a fairly large detail band fitted inside a group header and a group footer. The group footer is also fairly big, but it can also shrink a lot, if certain elements are not printed due to their printWhenExpression getting evaluated to false.

If that happens but the regular size of the group footer would have caused the band to break on to the next page the group is still printed on the next page.

I found this issue report regarding an explanation on the behavior:

The solution given is to divide large bands into multiple bands. My problem then is, that i need to keep the bands contents on the same page and not have one of the bands break to the next page. If one of the group footer bands needs to break to the next page all group footer bands should break as well.

Is there a way to specify that bands can only break together or do i have to change they way my report is designed?

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