Charts created in Jasper Studio are not web responsive

1. I am creating HTML5 visualizations in JasperSoft Studio and deploying in Jasper Server

2. I am then using Dashboard creation capability provided in Jasper Server to create dashboards using the above visualizations

3. The created dashboard is not web-responsive when tested in screens of various sizes. However, a visualization created through the domain based approach is fully responsive. Is there a reason why this is so or am I missing something here?

4. The reason to go for Jaspersoft Studio approach is that it provides lot of flexibility in creating and linking reports. Also, it allows to use data driven input controls to filter out the data.

Need some help urgently on this.

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4 Answers:

Reports created by Jaspersoft Studio works OK. Apparently, you're not setting your JasperReports Server correctly. Strongly suggest you get professional support from Jaspersoft if you need help urgently.

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Hi Hozawa,

Can you help me understand what settings should I do on Jasper server to make my reports designed in Jasper Studio to be responsive on web?

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I've got the same thing. Ad-hoc view or report developed on Jaspersoft server are web responsive, but not the Jaspersoft Studio developments. 

Is there any fix ?


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As of release 6.x you can embed a Jaspersoft Studio developed report in a dashboard and use the dashboard to in effect have a responsive report.

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