Removing all "decorations" for a dashboard or report


I am trying to get a series of dashboards to show full screen for display purposes.  These are being displayed via a URL in a browser.  For example:


The problem with the above is that while the "decoration" has been removed, the space is still there

I did some research and found a reference about using "&theme=embed&viewAsDashboardFrame=true" or just "&viewAsDashboardFrame=true" instead of the "&decorate=no" option.  However, if I use that approach, it jams the entire dashboard into the top section:

Has anyone dealt with this?  How do I actually remove that section along with the controls in it?


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I am using the Pro version...I have not seen anything about there some documentation around that?  

Or do you have an example of a URL that would leverage that?


Thank you

tom.beckman - 7 years 1 month ago

Wow...wasn't really planning on building an entire app around just displaying a there really no other way to simply remove the two areas at the top for display purposes???

tom.beckman - 7 years 1 month ago

also...forgot to mention that I am stuck using v5.2

Not sure if visualize.js is even present in this version...

tom.beckman - 7 years 1 month ago

2 Answers:

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If you're using professional version, how about trying visualize.js?

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