Is it possible to generate a PDF report, attach to email and send, all from REST v2 API?

We have a Use Case in which a customer would like to be able to run an on-demand report from a clint and have the report generated as a PDF, attached to an email and then send to the recipient.  Ideally, we would like to issue one-to-n REST calls to the Jasperserver REST web service to satisfy this use case on the server.  We understand that there is a REST call to run a report, however, does the API support attaching the report to an email and subsequently sending this email?


Thank you.

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2 Answers:

Report REST API call will generate a report. Your program have to create an email and attach the generated report and send it.


Use the schedule REST API to schedule your report and send it.

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@hozawa So how would you create such email? I am using NodeMailer but the File cant be attached because its just an URI. I would like to know how can you create the PDF from a template and then send it back or upload it to the server? 

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