Inconsistent format of report while export to XLS and CSV format

I have created a report and it is working fine and the preview also looking great. Here my problem is when i am exporting report to XLS and CSV format the report getting some unwanted spaces and the cells arrangement is looking bad. I have used three bands in my report like Page Header(Parameters like From Date, To Date, Total Count), Detail(Table), Page Footer(Text Fields like Report Execution Date, PageNo.). Can any one please help me out from this issue this is urgent requirement. 
Note: My report has parameters in the page header, and my table placed in Detail band, i want the report looks good like each cell contain seperate fields or total report would be place in one cell like A1 this is also fine for me. 
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I don't know how to attach sample XLS sheet to this. Please if anyone knows this let me know so that i can upload for better understand

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