Custom Font For Jasperserver Dashboard/Report


I am trying ot use a custom font in a report, but have run into a snag.

I have looked around pretty extensively, and have managed to get the font installed into iReport, as well as deployed to the Jasperserver system and even to the point of embedding the font into exported .PDF versions of the report or dashboard.  So from that aspect, we are all working fine.

The ONLY problem I have is that the report/dashboards are mostly intended for online viewing, and, currently, if the client does not have the appropriate font installed, it will default to whatever the system replacement is.

Again, I have looked all over, and mostly find references to making the font embedded into a .PDF...which isn't a problem for me.

I have followed this set of instructions which seem pretty popular: as well as this (which had another approach at the end: among some others (which did not resolve the issue).

I may be overlooking something very basic, and if so, I apologize, but this is driving me do you embed a font into a report that is intended to be viewed via a web browser?  I happen to have a CSS reference that I could use for this font:

@font-face {
  font-family: 'alarm clock';
but I am not a web designer and dont' know if this could even be used as a font reference in a report.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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