Get a calendar to pick dates in Jasper server.

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I have a report with rundate,datefrom, dateto as input parameters with class type java.util.Date to pick dates as calendar , to generate report for specified dates. But when published on Jasper server, I dont get the calendar to pick dates. I get input control text box to type dates. So how to get calendar to pick dates ??and in dd/MM/yyyy date format??(default is mm/dd/yy). I need calendar similar as below:'s picture
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@Sadakar Pochampalli how do I get calendar with icon (visible )to pick dates. I dont want text box  to be displayed and if text box cant be changed then it should accept only only valid dates and not any text. Though  I used the input control wizard to get calendar by changing the input control data type for dates in Jasper Server. But still Text box is visible and calendar icon is invisible but when i click outside the text box i get calendar to pick dates. Hope my question is not confusing. - 6 years 5 months ago

1 Answer:

You need to change the format of dates in

(below is Linux installation path)


I had similar try long back, you can find more infromation on my experiment at :

Hope this helps you.


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