Using Visualize.js on a page within an existing Jasperserver 6.2

How would I go about putting a custom html page that has been built with visualize.js into an existing jasperserver?

I have used visualize.js a few times and built pages that on an external web server and these retrieve reports using the visualize.js library. That is all fine but how does visualize.js work if I put the page into the same tomcat server.

I want to do this so that I do not have to authenticate the user again, the user can still do all the other stuff in Jasperserver but I can still give them some custom pages built with visualize.js. So this way I can hopefully get the flexibility of visualize.js but I can also make use of the security that is already provided when the user logs on to Jasperserver.

I have seen something in the docs about adding a custom jsp page into a spring flow. That might be a starting point. Anyone tried something like this?

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Thanks for the comment hozawa but it really doesn't tell me how to do it.
littleredshack - 7 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

Yes, this is possible but you really don't need to use Visualize.js is you're adding pages to within JasperReports Server because you'll have full usage of JasperReports Server resources.

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