Drill down on Crosstabs Measures


  I have a master report which consists of the following crosstab format:-

  List of Source
Date Source 1 Source 2
01/02/15 10 5
02/02/15 6 7

I need to be able to drill down on each of the counts( say 10) to display the corresponding records.

I can pass the 'Date' and 'Source' as parameters to the drill down report query. 

However the master report has additional 7 input controls like 'Department' , 'Status' etc. which are parameters to the dataset

In the Hyperlink section of the measure field  i cannot find these 7 parameters so that i can pass them to the drill down report

Is there a way to achieve this or am i missing something ??




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Guys any help on this ??

kkpan47 - 4 years 5 months ago

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