help open report in jsp ( using a web browser)

hey people.  i have in a jsp code of my report (it works fine) , but the data what i use on it is in a javascript file.

All is good, i send my data with http post, i can read it in my jsp ( i use some system.out and i saw my data)

but the thing is how can i display it in my browser?


note: before i used a method in js called"?data="+JSON.stringify(params), "_blank"); but i had to change it for http post because i could not send big data.

but i worked fine with small data..


Any idea Thanks..!

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1 Answer:

If you have commercial version, you can use visualize.js.

If you have community version, you can just call REST API to get the report in html format and just do a innerHTML to set the report in you html page. The following page contains the syntax to get the report (in production, recommend you use async reportexecutions)

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