Integrate Jasper REST Client in Maven

Hello Jasper friends,

I am using the Jasper REST Client:

I want to integrate this lib into my maven pom.xml as dependency. When I put this code into my pom, the following Error-Code will be printed in my Eclipse IDE: Missing artifact com.jaspersoft:jrs-rest-java-client:jar:6.1.4

The POM.xml :


<project ...
  <parent> ... </parent>
            <name>Jaspersoft clients snapshots</name>

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong. 

Thanks for any help.

Best Regrads Florian

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 Hi Fiona,
You need the first repository from the below to get it working.
            <name>Jaspersoft clients releases</name>
            <name>JasperReports Server CE releases repository</name>
aruna.chalasani - 7 years 1 month ago

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