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Hello Jasper friends,

I am using the JRS-REST Java Client to access the jasper server: https://github.com/Jaspersoft/jrs-rest-java-client 

I am looking for a service to get a List of all reports which are stored in my jasper server like:

OperationResult operationResult = session.reportingService() ......Get-All-Reports
Does anyone have an idea?
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Yes, I have already solved this problem by using the resourceService()

The code:

public void testGetAllReports() {
        OperationResult<ClientResourceListWrapper> result = session
                .parameter(ResourceSearchParameter.FOLDER_URI, "/Velimo")
        ClientResourceListWrapper resourceListWrapper = result.getEntity();
        assertTrue(resourceListWrapper.getResourceLookups().size() > 0);
        for (ClientResourceLookup resource : resourceListWrapper.getResourceLookups()) {
        logger.info("Report: " + resource);


florian.johannssen - 7 years 4 months ago

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