Input control overrides as I publish reports to Jasper Server

I have a parameter which I want to populate using sql query i.e. Single Select-Query Input Control.

It works fine, when I publish my report, with simple parameter acct_id, and and replace the input control on Jasper Sever as acct_id with Single Select Query.

But the problem comes when I edit the same report and upload it again, the Single Select Query Input Control is replaced by the simple parameter from my report.

And I have to again, override the parameter as a Single Select Query Input Control. And I am using the input control for multiple reports it is LOTS of useless replication and redundency doing the same time 5-6 times over.

Any solutions to this problem? I have not been able to find the answer in the Answers on this website yet.

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I will check this tomorrow and get back to you.

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2 Answers:

Alternatively you may want to disable the possibility to publish and overwrite resources when saving a report.

To prevent the input controls or any other resources from being overwritten when saving the report you need to untick the 2 properties under Jaspersoft Studio settings > Jaspersoft Studio > JasperReports Server:


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Uncheck the 'is for prompting' of acct_id parameter from studio. Next time you will publish the report, jaspersoft studio will ignore it. 

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