Using Report parameter as URL parameter

Hi everyone,

Preface: I'm using the latest version of Jaspersoft Studio (6.2.0 final)

I'm currently trying to make a report based on a JSON REST endpoint. The endpoint expects a 'GET' parameter (via the URL). Currently I have this hardcoded under the data source like so:

However, I'd like to pass the value of the 'WINKEL' parameter through my report, so that when I generate the report I can call it using the parameter - and it calls the right data source. So my endpoint - /url/endpoint.json will return different data depending on this GET/URL parameter (/url/endpoint.json?WINKEL=REPORT_PARAMETER).

I have tried using the $P parameter but it doesn't work in this case - or at least not the ways I tried it. Can someone help me with this, or is what I'm trying to do simply not possible?

Thanks in advance!


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