Create "Mongo JDBC Data Source" page missing the "Auto-Generate Schema Definition" check box

I'm currently working with Japsersoft Reports Server on AWS version 6 and the page for creating a Mongo JDBC Data Source is missing the following fields:

1. Connection Options

2. Auto-Generate Schema Definition

Kindly see screen shots showing what I have showing on my page and how the page should actually look like as per the Japserserver Admin Guide for version 6.

I am unable to create a Mongo JDBC Data Source as a result.

As an alternative, I tried to create a "JDBC Data Source" and install a mongo jdbc driver. My attempt to upload the mongo jdbc driver prompted me that the tibco.jdbc.mongodb.MongoDBDriver is required (kindly see screenshot below). The required tibco driver is not in the list of drivers provided on this tibco site. How can it be accessed? Thanks.


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