How to provide a set of values for report parameter in jrxml template?

I am using Jaspersoft Studio 6.2 to create jrxml/jasper files. And generating and viewing report providing json datasource in my application using JasperReports Library 6.2. I am reading the report parameters and creating input controls in my application for the user to enter the values for respective parameters. Here I am trying to populate input control (e.g. multi-select/single-select drop down) with a values user can select from. Please help me to understand how can i provide dataset of values for a report parameter in jrxml file using Jaspersoft Studio. Or any other way to provide set of values for a report parameter.
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Not sure about your question. Input Control is not part of jrxml. There is only parameter in jrxml and Input Control is just a front end tool to allow user to set parameter. As such, developer would have to create their own implementation to populate Input Control and user select mechanism.

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