Why we need Sub reports and when we need to use it?


Forgive me for my poor English..

This is Naresh, working junior developer in IT company. Recently I faced interview from U.S.A. The Interviewer asked the question what is difference between table coponent and suber report. and when we need to go for sub report and why? I created lot of subreports in my developement. However I didn't give proper answer to him.

And what is the Table component in iReport. I didn't get opertunity to work on that..?


Wolud u any one please clarify my questions.. How I need to prepare for interview on Jasper reports.



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2 Answers:

Sub reports provide more layout options (like report headers, groups, more than one detail line, etc, etc), than an embedded table.  Subreports do seem to be slower than embedded tables.

I created a report with 6 embedded tables, and then had to change them all to sub reports, when I didn't like the lack of error handling in the tables.  I wanted a message that read "No detail records found" (when that occurred) and the table could not handle it, but the sub report did.

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Table component is just a table - 2 dimensional data in x-y format. Subreport is an entire report. A subreport may be created separately from the main report and then included. Table is a component and must be placed in the main report.

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