How to Calculate Male and Female in ireport

Hi everyone


I am new with ireport-5.6.0


My Urgent Requirement is  to calculate total Male and Female from my report.


For Example


Student_Name   Gender


John                      Male

Rekha                   Female

Ravi                      Male



Total Male=2

Total Female=1    


In my report i create Two Variable   one for male and another for female and set 


variable class=java.lang.Boolean


Reset Type=Column

Increment Type=Column

Variable Expression=$V{male}


and drag both variable in my report


when i click on preview its display null value


I am not using any sub report in my report but i add two parameter


i want to display my value in my column footer(column footer band)


I also test with my sql query


select count(*)  as total

  , sum( case when gender = 'male'

  then 1 else 0 end )    as male

  , sum( case when gender = 'female'

 then 1 else 0 end )    as female

 from testdb.student

where department='Computer Science '


when i test this query in my database(mysql) its worked perfectly but when i tryed this query in my ireport query box


its display wrong value


Thnaks in Advanced



















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1 Answer:

Example for count Male.

Define variable:

Variable class = java.lang.Integer
Calculation = Sum
ResetType = Report
Increment type = None
Variable expression = $F{gender}.equals("Male")  ? 1 : 0

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