Jasperadmin user has no import/export in settings


Hi all, pretty new to Jaspersoft but working on an upgrade for our 2 servers so I can migrate them to 1. 

Anyway, when going through the backup procedure I was trying to do the export this from the UI, but the jasperadmin user has no option to do that. I only have Log settings, OLAP settings and AWS settings available. Unfortunatly the last guy who worked with the Jasperserver is no longer at the company and I don't know the superuser password either.


So can anyone advise how to find or reset the superuser password and/or why I can't use the export with the jasperadmin user. 

Thanks a lot!

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3 Answers:


Hi, only the "superuser" account has priviledges to export form the UI. You need to be logged in as superuser and not jasperadmin.

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You can reset the superuser password by directly editing the jiuser database:


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Just to note for somebody else reading this thread, this topic is about Commercial version of JasperReports Server. There is no "superuser" in the community version.

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