Visualise.js error handling parameters


We have developed Jasper dashboard and now working on integrating the dashboard into our application using Visualise.js,

After passing parameters to the dashboard, visualize.js is not able to load some of the reports and gives below errors(specific to JasperSoft javascripts),  can anyone please help who have faced the similar issue.

Error :  3visualize.js: [common/bi/component/util/biComponentUtil] [visualize.js:2125] [ERROR] - unexpected.error : An unexpected error has occurred : Error: You must execute report before requesting it's execution details or status.e.write @ visualize.js:2125 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeAttribute' of undefined

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I have the same problem when resizing window using jasper 6.1.1. What version are you having problems?
acorralortiz - 5 years 4 months ago

DID you able to solve the problem,

I am also gettign the same error for certain cases.


shib_best - 3 years 7 months ago

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