Create report from docx, pdf etc (Import docx and display content in report)?

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I'm aware of the export functionality for creating docx or pdf  files from a report. But is there a way to do it the other way around? Read (import) a docx or pdf file or whatever and have a report created from it? The report should look the same as the imported document. Was wondering if this is possible.

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JasperReports does not support these features but it is possible. We actually have a tool in our reporting system we are developing to convert pdf and Excel to jrxml and I think I can add Word also.

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@hozawa Did you develop this tool??

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Yesterday, I just asked a similar question. I need to read a file from a path or a blob field in the database and I want to complete some areas with information from the database (by filling in fields / tags to combine). Maintaining the format that user puts.

Is there a tool or way to do it?

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