Token based authentication in visualize.js

This is my visualize.js code for token based authentication, but it doesn"t work, please some one can help me to solve this???


<script type="text/javascript">
var authToken = encodeURIComponent("u=prabhath|r=role|o=EMEA|pa1=Sweden");
scripts: "optimized-scripts",
logEnabled: true,
logLevel: "error",
auth: {
token: authToken,
preAuth: true,
tokenName: "pp"
}}, function (v) {
   $scope.v = v;
   $scope.reportingInitialized = true;
}, function (err) {
         alert("Auth error! Server said: " + err.message);
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Thanks for the reply. I realized my code is ok. wrong is I didn"t configure the jasperserver correctly to the token based authentication. thank you for your reply :)

anuradhe.prabhath - 7 years 3 months ago

1 Answer:

Are you getting an error? Can you see the /auth call being made in your browser console?


Our token auth looks a little different than yours:



                auth: {
                    token: theToken,
                    tokenName: "ticket"
            }, function(v){
                _reportService = v;
                _exportFormats =;

            }, function(err){
                _handleError("An error occurred while attempting to connect to the reporting service. " + err.message, err);

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