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I am using Jaspersoft Studio 5.5.1 for creating my report and I have used HTML Component to display HTML tags containing data such as tables,bullets, lists etc. HTML Component expression is the database field that contains data in HTML format which can vary in size as it is save by taking input from users. Now I am facing following problems :

  1.  When report is generated, The content in HTML component is not overflowing like the text field having"Stretch with overflow" property and the content shrinks as the size of data   increases.
  2. . The content in HTML component is not splitting over pages i.e if it is place on the first page and content is exceeding the limit of first page, HTML data is not extending to the next page instead the first page is empty and all the content is displaying on second page.
  3. When report is generated in pdf format, The content of HTML Component in pdf is selected as image selection not as text selection.

Please help me fix these issues or provide any possible alternative solution for this.

Find image below showing data font size small.



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I am also facing the same issue, didn't get any solution till now.
aswarajpandey - 5 years 11 months ago

Does anyone found solution for this issue?

waldi_j - 5 years 7 months ago

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